About the author

H.K.Bradley is a writer and mother from Espoo, Finland. She is a member of the Mothers in Business (MiB) association, and author of children’s book “How to count sheep”

H.K.Bradley has both Finnish and English Masters degrees. She loves to read and write stories for her children, which inspired her to create this book now available for all children to enjoy. “How to count sheep” is a feel-good children’s story about a farmer and his wife who fall asleep when trying to count their sheep. Finding out how many sheep the farm has, and making their little girl’s wish come true, turns out to be a much more difficult task than you could imagine!

The beautiful illustrations and educational story can inspire any child to share and give a helping hand to others, and perhaps even fall asleep quickly by counting sheep before bedtime!

How to Count Sheep now available!

H.K. Bradley’s beautifully illustrated children’s book “How to count sheep” is now available!  

Telling the story of a farmer and his wife attempting to count their sheep (but falling asleep each time), “How to count sheep” is a charming tale that teaches children the concept of sharing and working together.

The book can be found at the National Library of Finland (ISBN 978-952-93-8499-0) and can be ordered from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa and Mauri Kunnas Kerho. For further information, or to directly order the book from the author, please use the contact form on this page.